Wood Selection (Updated 12/28/12)

Here's a general idea of what I have in stock for wood.

I used to categorize the different woods in a tiered manner for pricing.  It's too difficult to keep up with and was also still confusing.  But, I still categorize my FWJ packages as Tier 2 and Tier 3, with Tier 2 being less expensive.  It's easiest to identify which wood(s) you like and we can discuss pricing.  If you've identified a wood that is too expensive then we work together to determine what will fit into your price range.

Please don't ask me to compare acoustics between wood types.  It's too subjective and everyone will have to decide for themselves.

Macadamia Nut
I haven't seen this around too often.  When I saw this piece I had to have it and I'm glad I bought it.  Striking sun burst pattern on the end grain and a birdseye pattern on the face.  Just lovely.  One set of Denon size cups or two sets of Grado/Magnum cups.  Somebody please make me build a set out of this.  I want to see the results.

Picked this up in the bargain bin and it looks to be quite nice stuff.  Turned it down and is ready for Grado/Magnum cups.  It's a very hard wood and dulled my blades quickly.  One is slightly lighter color than the other, but sometimes that's a cool look.

Curly Burdseye Maple 
This is a stunning new piece that can accommodate several different sets of Grado/Magnum, Denon, Hifiman, Beyerdynamic style cups.  Maple is a common wood used by luthiers.  This particular piece has very nice birdseye and some quilting.

Mun Ebony
Beautiful piece of rare Mun Ebony.  Looks to be similar in coloration to Gabon Ebony, but I've read is easier to work with an more stable.  It was tough to capture the subtleties because of the glare, but trust me when I say it's an extremely cool piece.

It's supposed to look like this when wet.  But as you can see with the wax below, it is quite dark.

California Maple Burl
Found another large piece of nice maple but this one has alot of burling and quilting/fiddleback that flashes when you move the piece around.  Just gorgeous!

Indian Laurel
I have two massive pieces of amazing Indian Laurel.  You don't see this stuff too often either.  These can accommodate a couple sets of Denon sized cups and perhaps some Grado/Magnum cups as well.

Cocobolo Rosewood
Cocobolo is my absolute favorite.  I pretty much search out the best pieces and horde them.  Great tonewood and beautiful colorations.  There are many examples of finished Coco headphones on the blog.

Black and White Ebony
This is also one of my favorite woods and there are many examples on the blog of how these look finished.  I have a few gorgeous pieces with beautiful patterns.

Gabon Ebony
I've used this stuff extensively now and will probably always use it.  Good tonewood and finishes silky smooth and is generally jet black with some light streaks of blonde occassionally.  I have more in stock than what is pictured.  The pictured headphones are Gabon Ebony and have a piano finish.  Grado cups or Denon cups.

Honduran/African Blackwood
This is a very silky and dense hardwood, used frequently in building musical instruments.  I have several nice pieces of this.  Can accommodate Grado/Magnum cups or Denon cups.

Hormigo hails from South American countries and is known as the "wood that sings."  This wood is rare to find.  This is a large 3"x8"x8" piece I believe, and can accommodate multiple orders.
UPDATE 12/2012: Half gone

Hawaiian KOA
It a popular tonewood hailing from the Hawaiian Islands and is used in a variety of items but is known to be a good tonewood.  I've already built two sets of Magnum cups out of KOA and they've turned out amazing.

Olivewood is a fairly expensive hardwood that turns and finishes very well.  I've recently built one set of Grado cups out of it.  I have enough left for one or two sets of Magnum or Grado cups.

I have a gorgeous, large piece of Padauk that has good finishing characteristics being bright red or reddish orange and is known to be used in musical instruments such as guitars.  This piece can accommodate several sets of different cups.

Update: 12/2012 Half gone

Black Walnut
Four nice pieces with the three smaller accommodating for Grado cups and the largest allowing for Denon cups.

Nice Mexican Bocote.  Beautiful symmetrical grain pattern.  The larger can accommodate two sets of Grado cups and the smaller, one set of Denon cups.  These first three pictures are of a spectacular piece with silky smooth, tight grain patterns and is totally stable and ready to rock.

Myrtle Wood
Fine wood and has nice figuring and patterns.  The particular piece I have is a 13"x4"x4"!  It's giant.  This is unheard of and can accomodate any possible Grado/Magnum shape you or I can think of or Denon cups.  Very versatile and I was lucky to snag this piece.  Someone please order something from this piece I'm really psyched to see how it turns out.

Update 12/2012: Only enough left to make one more set.

Is considered to be a good tonewood by many and an even an excellent tonewood by a few.  I've got a couple nice pieces useable for Grado/Magnums or Denons.

Update 12/2012: Big one is gone.

Honduran Rosewood 
Same family as Cocobolo and is a great looking tonewood.  Rosewoods are known to be some of the best tone woods on the planet.

Burmese Rosewood 
Again, same family as Cocobolo and is a great looking tonewood.  This Rosewood is more orange/yellow with reddish grain patterns once finished.

African Mahogany
African Mahogany for Grado/Magnum cups.  Legendary tonewood that also has a kind of holographic effect when finished.

Update 12/2012: Have about half left.

Chechen is also known as Black Poison Wood or Caribbean Rosewood and is not a true rosewood but is considered a tonewood by luthiers.  Nice symmetrical grain pattern.  I've seen this in my local store for quite awhile and decided to grab a piece.  This piece can accommodate one set of Denon cups or similar.

Claro Walnut 
Claro Walnut is a popular dark wood that is used for many applications including guitars.  I've turned several sets of cups out of Claro and they turn out nicely.

Update 12/2012: I've just finished a couple sets out of the super dry big block pictured below.  It is really stable to work with but is very pourus so it has a more natural look when finished.  I think I have enough left to make one more set, but not sure.

Chakte Viga and Osage Orange
Beautiful orange colored hardwoods.  Both of these woods finish to a vivid orange color.  I've got some left for Grado/Magnum cups and two pieces that would work for Denons, or something similar.

***All Gone

As of 12/2012 Gone.
Don't let the pic fool ya.  The lighter colored pics on the left are my exhibition quality Coco.  They are perfectly cured and will not warp or crack and have really tight, fine grain patterns.  These are amazing.  The two darker pieces on the right with blonde splashes are gone.

Gone as of 11/2012: Below: Highest grade Cocobolo.  Look at those bright red flames.  This is a thick piece and could accommodate four sets of Grado/Magnum cups or one set of deep Denon cups.

Amboyna Burl
Some of the best and most intricate wood in the world.  I mean...just look at this piece.  This block can only work for low profile Grado/Magnum cups.  Too small for Denon cups, etc.

UPDATE 9/10:  Half of this is gone.
UPDATE 12/2012: Gone

**Brazillian Rosewood
Brazillian Rosewood is extremely expensive and difficult to get ahold of.  It's known as the king of all tonewoods and is highly sought after.  I have two pieces; each are 2"x4"x4".  If you truly want the absolute best, this would be it.  I'd recommend using these pieces for Grado/Magnum cups as they're just barely 4"x4" which is exactly what the Denon dimensions are.  So it would be cutting it really close and I don't know if I want to deal with that kind of stress. :-)

Honduran Rosewood Burl (Next 5 photos)
This is highly figured, unique and expensive piece of burl that will accommodate Grado cups as well as Denon cups, depending on who asks for what first.  Very tight and unique grain patterns in this dense hardwood.  This is on par with the expense and desirability of the B&W Ebony.  The cup shown in the photos is also made out of a different piece of Hon Rose Burl and is there to show size and typical finish.  Upper price range.

Amboyna Burl (Next 4 photos)- If you want the best of the best...this is it.
This is exhibition grade, meaning the absolute best you can find.  Yes, this is my most expensive and desirable turning stock.  This can accomodate one quite expensive set of Denon cups or perhaps two sets of Grado cups, but not both.  I just turned a set of Amboyna Burl cups for the FWJ #005's as well as a set of RS-1 clones in my For Sale section.  This particular piece is substantially more figured with little or no inclusions.  Upper price range.

Amboyna Burl (Next 2 photos)
As of 11/1, I have enough left to build one last set of Grado cups.   I just turned a set of Grado cups for the FWJ #005's as well as a set of RS-1 clones in my For Sale section from this exact chunk of wood.  Upper price range.

Jobillo (Next 3 photos)
This is an outstanding piece, especially in person.  This is within the standard price range and can accommodate one set of Denon cups.

Macassar Ebony (Next 2 photos)
Macassar Ebony! Gorgeous.  As of 11/1 I have enough left for one more set of Grado cups.  Mid-price ranged.

Black and White Ebony (Next 2 photos)
Fantastic piece of B&W Ebony.  This stuff is pretty expensive and rightfully so.  It's a beautiful wood and very dense.  This can be used for Denon's or two sets of Grados.
This is in my Upper price range category.

Cocobolo-Set 3 (2 Photos)
Some more Cocobolo ranging in grade from Mid to Mid/Upper priced.  Denon cups or Grado cups.  Note, the headphones in the photos are of Gabon Ebony not Coco.

Cocobolo-Set 2 (Next 2 photos) 
This is exhibition grade Cocobolo and some of the best I have.  I think by now, you all know how much I adore the highly figured and "splashy" multi-colored Coco and this is the epitome.  The set of cups included in the photos was cut from a similar high grade piece.  The FWJ #004's were cut from the piece shown, so about 1/3rd is gone from the pictured 12" piece.  This is in my Mid/Upper price ranged stuff.

Bloodwood (1 Photo)
Small chunk of Bloodwood.  I've gone through about three full sized pieces as it's been a very popular wood.  As you can imagine, once finished, it will turn a nice bright red with the right finishing.  Grado cups.  Standard price range.