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Denon Services

Denon cups come in two flavors (D2000 and D5000/D7000) as the chamber is alittle different for both groups.  

The main different between my cups and others out there in cyberland is that I offer a better variety of woods, especially the Rosewoods, known for their tonality.  Additionally, my cups have a more aggressive shape/styling, in my opinion.  Lastly, I custom fit the cups for FREE, if you send me your Denon's.  

***I much, much prefer you to send me your cans.  I have a set of my personal D5000's, which works well for custom fitting the cups for the D5k or D7k, if you can't send them to me, but I don't have a set of my own D2000's yet.  This alleviates some headaches if an issue arises, such as the wood warping alittle bit while in transit to you.  So I'm able to fit them perfectly to your Denons with no gap between the lip of the cup and the baffles.  Denon's absolutely need this seal to sound their best.  I know this from personal experience.   Also, if there is a prominent grain pattern, I can then line up the grain patterns for an impressive look.

I'm always working on different finishes but I can offer a basic satin finish and a semi-glossy finish.  I have done in the past and am currently working on a ultra glossy piano finish, but I'm still learning and experimenting.  It's not flawless yet, whereas the satin and semi-glossy finishes are truly flawless.  

My prices range from about $200-$300+ depending on the wood.  This is much easier to determine prices than the Grado's as there are fewer options.  Basically, take a look through the blog and take a look in the Wood section and see what you like.  Let me know what you want or give me a few of your favorite examples and I'll give you a price or prices.

If you send me your Denon's you pay for shipping back to you as well.  But again, I think this is a bargain for a perfect fitting set of cups.  

***I also re-cable Denon's.  Please see the Custom Braided Cable section above.  


Here we have some other builds of mine.