SALE!!! Aluminum Gimbals / Rodblocks

SALE - As long as it says SALE, they're still on sale.
Update 12/30/2014: I currently only offer Bare Polished Aluminum.  I will have black anodized sometime in 2015.
$160 per set plus shipping and paypal 

The aluminum gimbals/rodblocks add another dimension to your Magnum or Grado build.   As of August 2013 I am on Version 2 of the hardware.  

In addition to the benefits listed below, the second version changed the following:
-Moved the rod hole outward slightly to accommodate the headband better.
-Offering steel rods instead of the aluminum for added durability.
-Moved the two holes holding the rod so that they are all included on the inside face.

- Durable all aluminum build.  
- Allows for easy cup change outs.
- The gimbals flex and can bend a little to accommodate larger or smaller cups versus the stock gimbals.  
- Fits the stock Grado plastic rodblocks perfectly and position holds nicely with little to no slippage.
- The thumb screws and rod caps are threaded for ease of use.  
- The rodblocks are glueless and can be installed on any Grado headband insert.
- The rodblocks use two nylon set screws to firmly hold the cups/gimbals in place while still allowing them to swivel.  The two metal set screws firmly grip the ends of the metal headband insert.

Please READ Instructions:
1)  If the nylon (plastic) set screws are not properly aligned you can get them stuck and strip them.  They are somewhat delicate so be patient and be very careful.   

2) Nylon set screws do not need to be tightened much to get a snug fit around the rod.  They'll stay in place yet you can still swivel with relative ease.

3) Give the metal  set screws a nice snug turn, but you don't need to over do it.  You don't want to strip the head.  Both metal screws should be touching the surface of the metal headband insert.  Check that the metal screws are tight once in awhile.  Like any screw, they may become loose over time.

4) These are not indestructible!  Please handle with care. 


1) Bare Polished Aluminum
2) Black Anodized Aluminum

2) Wood Gimbals/Rodblocks/Rods/Hardware - Price: $200 to $250
Update 8/22/2013:  I haven't built these handmade wood/metal gimbals/blocks for about two years now.  Building these is how the Full Woody Jacket headphones originated.  But since the Aluminums are now available these take a back seat, especially as it saves me considerable time and time these days with the baby is more scarce.  I will still build these on occasion, but it will be much more limited and it of course, will cost more.