Leather Headbands

Lambskin Leather HeadbandsPrice: $60
My two part leather headbands are of lambskin and include very nice padding and are threadless...meaning they are all held together by glue.  Yes, they may need alittle bit of re-gluing once in awhile but in general they hold up very well.  The big thing here is that the padding is pretty heavy duty and  very comfortable.  ***If you consider your head to be on the small size or on the extra large size, please inform me in order to apply extra reinforcements for you weirdos. :-)

Generally I have Black and Brown, but the best way to determine which colors I have is to view my most recent posts.  Sometimes I have light brown or other colors.

Also, I've gone through several build types and I've gotten much better at building them so they include some fine touches.  My most recent build type is very comfortable with a egg-crate type memory foam as well as felt for a softer overall feel of the headband.  

Older Versions Below