Full Woody Jacket (FWJ)

Updated 6/3/2012:  Please see this post.

Full Woody Jacket (FWJ) Prices: See Below
This is my premium service.  It is a tedious and artistic process.  All  the stock Grado parts (except for the drivers, metal headband insert, and earpads) are replaced by custom parts and cable.  There are almost endless combinations of woods, metals, leathers, cables that can be used to build a one-of-a-kind set of Grado or Magnum based headphones.  Contact Rhydon to order a set and have them sent to me.  There are several examples of completed FWJ headphones on the blog.  Please take a look.  In addition, each set will come complete with a nicely padded box and a signed letter of authenticity detailing the headphones and what modifications and materials were used.

Being that these are tedious and time consuming, they command a premium price tag.  I have determined that the best way to go about setting prices for the endless combinations is to set up two price tiers that give a general price range that should give the best idea of what you'll get for a certain price point.  It's not 100% all encompassing as you may have a request for a certain material that may require an adjustment to the price. 

Each scenario will require a discussion (probably a lengthy one at that) to arrive at the appropriate fees and work to be completed.  This is why it's a "custom" service.  Together, we will agree on the final price.

Please see below for generalized FWJ price ranges.  *These are base prices.

Tier 2:  $350 to $400 
The price includes the Custom Grado Style Cupsand your choice of Aluminum Gimbals/Rodblocks.  Choose from Tier 2 wood on the Woods page.

Tier 3:  $425 +++  These are in a class of their own
The price includes the Custom Grado Style Cupsand your choice of Aluminum Gimbals/Rodblocks.

This covers the top tier of woods.  Choose from Tier 3 wood on the Woods page.  $425 is the base and may be higher depending on each particular piece(s) I purchase.  The prices I pay varies widely as some of the pieces are very expensive, difficult to find and unique.       

--Once a Tier has been determined, please add for the following items you desire--
[+] HEADPHONES OR DRIVERS - You can send me a full set of headphones to be modified or just a set of drivers, such as a set of Magnum drivers to build the FWJ around.   To order a set, contact Rhydon and have them sent to me.  Or I can purchase them for you.  If I purchase them, we'll add the price to purchase to the order and it will be paid up front prior to beginning work.

Magnum V4 Drivers

Above/Below: Example of a liberated Grado SR-325 driver with felt tape around the edges. 

[+] CABLE:  The above prices do not include cables.  Prices typically range from $25 to $40 per finished foot including your choice of termination + $20 for matching wood cable splitter.  See the "Custom Cables" section below for prices.  We'll add the price of the cable to your order.  I can re-attach the cable that your headphones came with or that you provide at no extra cost. 

[+] HEADBAND:  The above prices do not include custom leather headband.  See the "Custom Lamskin Headband" section below for prices.  We'll add the price of the headband to your order.  If you already have a headband or the headphones already have a headband that you are happy with, then no additional charge for this. 

[+] EAR PADS:   Note, if you purchase a set of Magnum drivers from me or if you're having them sent to me, then you'll need to add $25-$45 for whichever ear pads you would like or purchase them yourself and have them sent to me or just keep them until you receive the headphones.  (TTVJ Flats-$45, Grado Bowl Pads-$25, Grado Jumbo Bagel Pads- $35 I believe)
I recommend the Bowl pads for Magnums, thus far.