For Sale

Please be sure to check back often for new deals.  Updated 11/14/12 with the following two sets of cups for sale.

1) Ovangkol cups with high gloss lacquer finish.  Fits D7000 and D5000.  See post.

$250 $200 Sold awhile back plus paypal and shipping or send your headphones to me and I'll install them free of charge, but of course, you'll pay for shipping back to you.

2) Cocobolo open back with dampening and high gloss lacquer finish.  Fits D2000.  See post.

$200 Sold 11/16/2012 plus paypal and shipping or send your headphones to me for free installation, but you pay shipping back to you.

Mahogany Grado/Magnum Cups- Sold as of 3/10/2012 I have an extra set of cups as of 3/13/12.  $135 shipped and paypal included.  

Jobillo Denon D5000's$750 Price Drop. $675 plus shipping and paypal.  Sold 3/6/2012 3/4/2012 Make me an offer.  I really want to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 asap, so I need to help offset my purchase.  I built these as my personal set.  While I enjoy them very much, it's time to build a new toy.  This set is thoroughly modified from head to toe.

Let me put it this way...I bought these for around $375-$400 before any mods.  The cups would be over $200 and the cable would be around $160.  Add a ton of time for paint job and headband and you're getting a slammin deal.

There are a couple small pin hole size areas where the paint on the frame has chipped but otherwise the paint finish is nicely done.  The headband is extremely comfortable and the cable is 4 foot with an 1/8" Liton plug.  I posted pics of these earlier and you'll notice that I switched out the cable to the current cable.  These serve well as portable or office use out of your Android or Iphone.  Only the back of the driver has some dampening.  Please contact me for further

Beyerdynamic T7p- Sold $400 shipped to CONUS and paypal gifted or include 3% Paypal.  I have a set of these that I've been using as a personal set for a few months.  I'm thinking of trying something new.  Perfect condition.  Purchase them as stock or have me modify them with a new cable and wood cups.  I just haven't had much time lately to work on my own stuff. 

Magnum V4 Drivers- All 10 or so sets that I had are now spoken for.  It's best to just have them sent to me from Rhydon ( over at Symphones Magnums. If you're not familiar you can read all about them on head-fi.  These are a unique beast from the Grado driver, but is the same size and fit's and works with all things Grado.  Email me to discuss if you're interested.

Grado 325 Goldies- Sold 12/12/2011 Very good condition.  No box.  I've had these around for a few months as a reference set to the stuff that I've been building.  These are available for a straight up sale at $220 plus shipping to USA.  Or this is ready to go for wood cups and a recable, etc....maybe even a FWJ? :-)

Grado 325 Goldies Liberated Drivers- Sold 12/12/2011I also have a set of liberated drivers 100% ready for a Full Woody Jacket.  Shoot me an email if you're interested and we can discuss further.

ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound CardDecided to keep this.  However, I have a Creative X-FI Titanium that I'd like to now sell for $100 shipped to USA. $130 shipped to USA.  Does not come with the original packaging.  This is one of the best sound cards out there.  Drivers are alot less buggy than the Creative X-Fi drivers.

Honduran Rosewood Cups- $150 shipped to USA.
Beautiful set.  Nice defined grain patterns and dense.
Email for more photos please.  Sold 10/20/2011

Honduran Rosewood Burl Cups- $170 shipped to USA
Extremely rare and highly figured burl.
Sold 10/18/2011

Claro Walnut Cups- $90 shipped to USA
Easily one of my favorite shapes.  Extremely low profile. 
Sold 11/3/2011

Amboyna Burl RS-1 Clone Cups- $170  $150  Sold on 11/14/11
Note, Amboyna Burl is one of the most highly sought exotic woods in the world.  The wood is extremely expensive but is well worth it as it is quite dense and finishes very well.  This set is nearly identical and are a complete joy to stare at.

Full Woody Jacket #002 - Sold 7/20/2011

Cebil Cups - Sold 7/27/2011