***Customers (especially International customers) Should *Always* Supply the Following:  Please always provide the following in one final email to me or in the Paypal Notes. 

-Name and Shipping Address
-Email Address
-Phone Number
-Re-Confirm with me what you have ordered

As you can imagine, email chains get extremely long, so to insure accuracy and to help a brother out, it's so much easier for you to send one last email to me re-confirming the details of the order along with the other info.  Phone numbers are needed for international shipping and the email will be used by the post office to send you notifications.

My Contact:

Why is it so expensive?
Here's the thing...I have to do my best to make an exact copy of each cup.  I love getting in the zone and turning a super intricate cup then then realizing that I have to try to make an exact copy of that cup or whatever set of parts I may be working on.  This is the primary reason for the cost.  Secondly, I have to make a decent profit or I won't be able to stay in business.  Third, these are all built by hand requiring alot of time.  Fourth, it's stressful.  If I screw something up, I have to start over.  If I break something (which I haven't done), then I have to replace it.  There's considerable risk involved.

Do You Ship to the Far Reaches of the Planet?  Yup!  For your reference, I'm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Who Usually Pays the Shipping and Paypal?   

In order to keep providing this service I have to recoup as much cost as possible.  I'm not making huge bucks, but mearly supplementing my income for my family.  Shipping and Paypal expenses are usually the responsibility of the buyer.  

When emailing me:  Please always include your location or where you would want the item shipped in your first email to me.  That way I will know how to handle the shipping charges.

What Shipping Service Do You Use?  I always use USPS.  Of the couple hundred packages I've sent so far, we've only lost one small package shipped to Israel, but the buyer and I were able to rectify the issue. One package shipped to Russia took around three months to get there, but this was a very isolated incident.  USPS is the most reasonably priced courier.  

What Payment Do You Take?  Nope, I won't take bits of string or pocket lint as valid form of currency.  I do, however, take Paypal, Western Union, Money Order and straight up Cash.  Sometimes I'll take a personal check if I'm in a good mood and you aren't shifty looking.  The item would be shipped after Western Union, Money Order or check have been cleared.  

Do I Have to Pay at Time of Order?  Yup.  It's not that I don't trust you.  I'm sure you're an honest person.  But it's just too easy for customers to back out once a custom job has been completed if they haven't already paid.  Tough to do business if that were the case.  I guarantee satisfaction and I have perfect feedback from all who have purchased from this blog as well as perfect feedback from Head-Fi, Ebay, Heatware and Audiogon.  I've also got a few reviews of my works on the home page.

Should I do the installation, or should you do it?  Typically customers send me their headphones for modification which usually includes installation of cups but may also include driver mods, installation of a new headband, maybe a re-cable or maybe even the Full Woody Jacket.  I will always require your headphones or at least the drivers to build a FWJ.

So, if you'd prefer for myself to complete all of the modification, once we agree upon the desired modifications, simply ship me the headphones and I'll take care of the rest.  It's helpful if you include a note with the headphones identifying them as yours along with any other info that would be helpful.

I will charge a reasonable fee for completing installations or modifying headphones.  Time is scarce and there is also expertise involved on my end, not to mention the added risk of modifying another's headphones.  However, rest assured, I have not ruined a set of commissioned headphones and if that situation were to arise, I would replace the broken component at my own cost.

However, you can purchase the cups and headbands seperately and install them yourselves if you like.  I typically do not build cables separately for sale and frankly, have never been asked.  I have built a few sets of gimbals/rodblocks separately for customers, but I really prefer not to.  I very much like to include them only in my FWJ as they are quite tedious to build.  Also, lining up and drilling the holes to fit cups that I don't have in my possession can be difficult.

How Do We Figure Out What I Want?  Each scenerio will require a discussion with me to arrive at the appropriate fees and the work to be completed.  Yup, it's more time consuming for the both of us, especially on my end...but this is why it's a "Custom" service and offers a unique and satisfying experience.

Difference Between a "Liberated" Grado Driver and "Partially-Liberated" Grado Driver?  
90% of the time I build cups to accomodate a "Liberated" driver.  Liberated drivers allow for the sound waves to bounce solely off the wood chambers, which is ideal.
"Liberated" Driver (not my photo)

However, I also build slip-on shells for "Semi-Liberated" drivers.  Those who are not comfortable trying to "Liberate" they're drivers or those who may be unable to send their cans to me for the modification due to cost constraints may want a slip-on cup.  See how the plastic ring/wall around the driver is still left on. 
"Semi-Liberated" Driver (not my photo)