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I don't know why I didn't start this earlier.  I'll be going through old emails trying to find good examples of feedback.

Regarding Coco D5000's - 4/14/2013

Got them. Great Work Martin. You are an Artist.


Regarding Coco/Ebony LCD-3's - 8/23/2013


Just an update. The LCDs arrived on Thursday, and I've been listening to them this weekend. They're absolutely stunning. You're right about their looking even nicer in person. The photos really don't do them justice. One of the nicest looking headphones I've ever seen.

Could you please give me some basic instructions for caring for them? Should I wax or polish them, and if so how often? Do you recommend a particular product?

Thanks again! This was well worth the wait. You are a very talented artist.


Regarding a Magnum Based FWJ - 8/22/2013

Hi Marty

I hope that you and the family are well.  You seem to be one very busy guy.  Just a quick note to say that I am loooooving the headphones that you made for me last year.  Unique quality with great sound – a bespoke aural experience.

Kind regards
Stu Jeffcoat from NZ

Regarding a set of commissioned cups - 5/20/13
Hi Martin,

It's been too long not to have thanked you for those little African Mahogany Cups, but I love them with well burned-in Magnum V4's, I had also picked up a pair of V5's from Jin, but indecision still lurks. But it indeed was a pleasure dealing with you.

Regarding Gimbals/Rodblocks - 5/24/13
New blocks received and installed : better space for the rods and now it slide perfectly :)

Thanks for your work 

have a nice day

Regarding Gimbals/Rodblocks - 6/17/2013

Hi Martin,

Awesome:)  I'll check in on your website periodically to see about updates--and thanks for keeping the naked aluminum uniform!  I'm by no means a high-end builder, but I'd like to think that I have high standards and its nice to work with people of the same mindset:)  



Black and White DT770's - 6/30/13

Wow I've looked at the pics and read your last message and just wow... i'm so god damn thankful Marty. All I was expecting was an aesthetic change and you've gone above and beyond to even deliver an improvement in audio. You good sir are a f***ing champion ! Ahhh thankyou so much man. And even the opportunity to futher modify my sound signature...If I lived in Minnesota I'd throw the biggest BBQ in mankind and the entire state would be invited.

Regarding Gimbals/Rodblocks - 7/24/2013
Hi Martin,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the goods. I have mounted them on my headphones last night and I can't believe how much more elegant and beautiful they look now!

Regarding a set of commissioned cups - 7/26/2013

Just wanted to shoot you a thank you, albeit a bit late. Been very busy. 

I absolutely love the cups. They came out beautifully! Couldn't be happier. I have sr125 drivers in them right now. I've been planning to get some turbulent x drivers, but have been hesitant because I'm just in love with them the way they are! Thanks so much for all the hard work and patience with me. Im sure i will be a future customer.


Audio Technica ATH-ES10's - 7/29/2013
Hey, Martin.

Thank you very much for the amazing work. I like the ES10 a lot more than I thought. This is truly a masterpiece!

I noticed you usually post photos of your finished works before sending them out, but I’m not sure you had enough time to take photos of my ES10 since I rushed you so much.

So here are some photos I took for you instead. I think it’s a waste to not let others know how amazing your work is on this headphone.

Again, thank you very much! It looks and sounds phenomenon after the modification!

Here's a recent one regarding the B&W Ebony D7k's.

Hi Martin,

Received the phones yesterday in excellent condition, thanks.
I must tell you I'm amazed. No matter how good your pics are these need to be seen for real.
Really nice wood and very shiny finish, I couldn't have imagined them better.
I put some angled pads on them so they're even bigger now. ;)
I took a brief listen to them last night (summetime = motorbike time) and they do indeed sound well controlled and have a bigger soundstage.
Really happy I bought these, thanks for the perfect job!

Best regards,


Feedback for Exhibition Cocobolos.

I'm left speechless. Absolutely terrific job on these Martin -- words can't duly express how excited I am right now. Rest assured I'll be *absolutely* sure to put these to good use. You'll see some pictures when I'm done. :)

Many Thanks,

Found a link to a youtube video for one of my earliest custom builds.  The video is by my friend Victor who purchased a few custom sets from me early on.


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