Custom Grado Style Cups

1) Custom Cups - Prices: $135 to $300+ By and large, this is my "bread and butter" and the majority of custom work is building custom Grado cups.  I try to build no two sets of cups alike.  It's really appealing to think that no one else has a set of cups like you do.  Don't you think?  But I do have "fan favorites" that I get asked to essentially make replicas of, which I have no problem doing.     

All the cups will come with screens (black, silver, copper colored).  Then the price will be heavily dependent on these three things:

- Wood type (see "Woods" page for greater detail)
- Full Cup or Slip-On Cup style (See FAQ for greater detail)
- Difficulty of the Shape and Design

2) Custom Cups with XLR Jacks or 1/8" Phone JacksPrices: $175 to $325+
These add alittle cost as it's a bit more tedious and I have to add the cost of the jacks themselves unless you provide them to me.  These might become quite popular as it allows for easy cable switching as many believe (including myself) that different mid to high quality cables such as copper, silver or even gold and the level of purity of each, it's sheilding, stranded vs. solid core, etc., can make quite a difference in the sound characteristics.  Most notably, most will hear either a "brighter" sound or a "darker" sound or more transparent than the alternative.  Also see "Custom Cables" below.