Monday, March 30, 2015

Yamaha YH-100's with Quilted Walnut Burl and Lots and Lots of Time

I spent two/three weeks on just these alone as they were very difficult.  They came to me busted up with a broken headband cradle and broken plastic "ball joints" where the cups are attached to the headband assembly.  They've been restored to about as good as they will get.  I'm very proud of these.
I wish I would have taken progress pics, especially of the internals as I had to boar out the old plastic ball joints from the headband assembly to create a hole to insert the new wood ones.  I had to build the little ball joints from walnut in several different little pieces, put them together and make sure they are reinforced and sturdy.  I had to tweak them, swear, tweak some more, and swear some more.  But they actually hold the cups in position on the x and y-axis.  You can pick them up by the headband and the cups don't move in those directions unless you gently move them into place.  They do rotate around the axis freely, but that's only slightly annoying.  The whole set was taken apart and cleaned of the old glues/crud and then gave the plastic parts a new glossy coat to preserve the integrity of the original parts as much as possible.  I like the design of the YH-100's...I think they look much better than many of the other vintage Yamaha's.  Had to build a new internal headband piece as the stock one was broke in half and disintigrating.  New replacement earpads and a new cable.  They sound very nice and I love the darker sound.  They need a ton of juice and the Minute Amp of mine performs nicely.  I'll say the dampening is good and is all new materials.  Someone might be able to improve, but I just can't devote any more time.  I will miss these.

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