Monday, March 30, 2015

Beyerdynamic DT1350's with Quilted Maple dyed Colonial and New Headband

Neat set of Beyers.  These cups are an odd size for my equipment so lots of tinkering.  The Maple is indeed quilted but due to the lack of my photography skills I struggle to photo it.  The Colonial dye is beautiful.  I've used it a few times now and it's a keeper.  I had to shave back part of the gimbal so as not to rub on the cups, but I think it looks alittle sleeker like that anyway.  And the headband turned out great with extra padding at the request of the owner.

They sound great.  It's amazing, you can cover up the little bass ports at the rears of the cups while your listening and all of a sudden it gets really stuffy.  Those little holes make a big difference with some dynamic drivers.  I had them put together and it just didn't sound right and figured it had to be the bass holes.  Sure enough after I took them apart and drilled the holes, it was obvious how much they improved.

By the way, I would have taken the headband assembly apart and sprayed everyting black, but there is no way, as far as I could figure, to get the gimbals off the headband.  It really irked me since I usually find a way and all black would have been quite nice.  But the design of the headband is something I really like, especially since I sat there night after night trying to figure out what to do with a split headband, but the answer turned out to be pretty elegant.

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