Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ok. Getting things done at the new house.

Hey fellas, I see quite a few multiple emails from customers asking about the hardware.  I really am very close to going through the very long list of emails and confirming orders.  I have my home office complete and have pretty much painted the entire main level of the new home, per the wishes of my wife, so that's a good thing.  Now, I think I will have time to start building out the shop in the new garage.

For those who want perspective, I'm the kind of person that needs the home office set up and organized so I can focus on my primary day job as well as answering MCA emails.  Again, this is a good thing.  Now I'm feeling less pressure and am now much more organized having caught up on bills and stuff.  I've responded to a few emails, but having my shop up and running will be critical since I need to polish and organize the hardware before sending out.  I anticipate the shop to be up in about three weeks, but I hope to answer all emails in the next couple weeks, at the very least.

I need to pull extra electric out to the third stall, build a wall, intall wiring for all the extra outlets, insulate where needed, install the heater, install all the work benches, organize all my stuff, etc.  So it's a big project, but once done will allow me to resume as usual.

Thank you, and I am aware of the long wait times.  I appreciate the support.


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