Friday, August 2, 2013

Coco DT880's!

Glorious!  These turned out so much better than anticipated and they sound not just good, but really good.  I only got about an hour with them last night and I have to ship them today so I didn't have a great deal of time with them, but they have an area of the frequency that's just so three dimensional.  The part of the frequency that captures percussion and snares and anything with reverb.   No sibilance to be heard whatsoever as well.  But they need alot of juice being 250 ohm.  Most phones will barely push them loud enough to be enjoyable let alone with any quality and depth.

Due to time constraints these were not buffed.  You'll notice they're just au naturale, so it easy to see dips and cracks in the grain pattern in photos.  In everyday use they look great, but just more natural.  The owner ordered new black ear bads so the matte black motife will be perfect.  I ended up using the frame and gimbals from my DT770's as I knew it would look awesome with these cups.

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  1. I'd love to get a quote on getting something like this done..