Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coco and Ebony Audeze LCD-3's

Righteous!  Impeccable build and a worthy housing for the LCD-3 ortho drivers.  I'm not the best photographer and I still haven't set up a light box like the masters over at headfonia, so I always include the disclaimer that they look better in person....and that's because they really do.

They have a uniform gloss finish that wasn't captured that well in the photos.  And because of the humidity I am not able to give them a final buff on the lathe, which I always leave as a final option if I deem necessary.  But this finish is top notch considering it's buff-less.  The Coco I used was some of the most figured I've ever seen and it was a piece of stock that has been sitting in my shop for three years waiting for the right project.  The Ebony xlr jack housings, including the inner curves are completely free-hand and so are the mounting holes on each side as I couldn't find the correct size bit.  The free-hand work also includes the "smiley face" curve required underneath the rear mounting holes.  You'll also notice that I mounted the jacks foward similar to the stock cups.  There is not a single trace of excess glue, similar to the attention given to my recent DT880 600ohms.

I think the owner will be proud and I hope they are the centerpiece of his collection.


  1. Why did you change the angled jack?

  2. The owner didn't want them. He wanted the wood.