Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update: I slow down during the summer months!

I always get alittle slower during the summer months.  Everyone is spending time outside now, especially those living in northern climates such as myself.  I've only got three projects currently in the hopper.  So now is a good time to place an order.

Again, I only have the black hardware currently available.  But it's been selling really well and I have plenty left.   The bare polished hardware won't be done for another 2-3 weeks.  So you can pre-order if you like.  And again, the rodblocks are a new design that allows for more clearance between the rods and your headband.  Much improved.

Also, these cups (cups only) are for sale for $275 plus shipping and PP.  Would be perfect to build a full set of FWJ's around.  I have several sets of Magnum V5 drivers left.  My wife gave these the wow factor which kinda doesn't happen that much.  More photos in yesterdays posts.

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