Thursday, May 16, 2013

Large Order Complete

A good customer of mine sent me four sets for modifications.

1) 1st set is a Magnum V5 based FWJ using a stunning piece of B&W Ebony.

2) 2nd set is a Grado PS1000 with my last pair of nickel plated gimbals and my new black rodblocks.  The nickel plating is almost a perfect match for the PS1000 cups.  I'm really pleased with the whole look of these with the brown headband and the mixed color hardware.  They just look really cool.  The PS1000 cups are definitely Mr. Grado's classiest.

3) 3rd set are an amazing Alessandro MS Pro based FWJ using some incredible Amboyna Burl.  I've got enough left from the same piece for another set of Magnum/Grado's and one set of Denon or similar sized cups.  My pics don't do them justice.

4) The last set is a legendary pair of Grado HP1000's.  All I did was replace the headband with one of mine.  Much more comfy now.

All but the Amboynas, were re-cabled by the owner before they were sent to me.

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