Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gabon Ebony with Coco and Silver Inlays and Cocobolo Widemouth with Silver Inlay (Both House Magnums)

There's a lot going on in these photos.  Both sets are for one customer.  The Gabon Ebonies house a set of Magnum V5's and the Coco's house a set of Magnum V4's.  Both have xlr jacks and both sets use my newest version hardware.  You'll see the rodblocks have changed alittle to allow for more clearance of the headband reducing interference with the rods and the set screw holes are all located on the inner flat face this time.  Also, the quality of the aluminum is better resulting in a more uniform surface.  The black hardware is anodized as I will not be powder coating them any longer.  I found a good company for anodizing that results in a much more uniform and darker black anodizing.  They look awesome.

The design of this set of Coco's hasn't been done before.  It looks really cool.

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