Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Photos (Maple Cups, Walnut Burl Cups, Rosewood/Swarovsky Cups)

Some random photos of some new cups taken with my new Canon G15.    The Walnut Burl's do  not have the final polish.  They are curing for a few days.  But they're really beautiful with lots of figure.  Not to mention that they sound great on the D2k's.  

The Maple cups are mounted to D7k's and also sound very good.  These have the final high gloss finish.  They haven't actually been polished, but rather the final spray coats turned out so well they didn't need to be buffed out.  

You'll also see pics of the Canon G15 next to my wife's Nikon point and shoot.  The difference is night and day.  The G15 is a killer point and shoot with an excellent censor for very good low light shooting.  It's got everything and could just about replace my Nikon D7000, which it may.  

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