Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy T-Bird Picture Dump Day!

Today is Thanksgiving.  We are with our families and we may be bored already.  I'm just going to dump a bunch of random pics for you to look at.  I don't have time to caption them all.  But, here you go.  Some new woods.  Some of the pics have really bad white balance so me sorry.  

Sindora Burl.  Very neat stuff.  Gorgeous golden color with tight grain patterns.

Going to try something new with these parts.

Yucatan Rosewood ready to turn.

My new baby.  Fuji Mini Mite HVLP sprayer.  Finally have a professional sprayer and it's really nice.  Used it on the most recent cups.

Pink Ivory Burl.  These WERE awesome until they shrank, warped  and got all bumpy.  Even though I sealed them immediately after turning them, they still got all messed up.  I'm going to turn them into drink coasters.

Black Walnut - Ready to be Denon cups.

Quilted Maple Denon cups for a long-time customer

Coco D7k cups prior to wetsanding and final spray.

Coco cups and Indian Rosewood cups

This is an outstanding piece of Macadamia Wood.  It's got a beautiful 3D texture and just look at that crazy sunburst end grain.  This could work for Denon cups or two sets of Grado/Magnum style cups.  I can't wait to use this.  Somebody buy this.

Beautiful Ziricote.  I'd put the quality on par with my best Cocobolo.  Really fine, silky smooth grain.  Several sets of Grado/Magnum style cups can be turned from this.

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