Friday, November 2, 2012

Exhibition Coco Denon D2000's

Here's the twin set to the open backs in the previous post.  Deep firery reds and blacks and tight, smooth grain patterns.  Just really nice stuff.  These are same dimensions as stock and what I mean by that is the chambers are .75" deep which is exactly stock.  Many of the Denon cups I make have chambers just under 1" deep.  The sonic difference between the two depths is always up to the listener.  These sound great and certainly as good if not better than the stock cups.  These are built out of the highest quality cocobolo rosewood I can find and is certainly known as a tone wood or luthier grade wood.  Much better than plastic.  Who wants plastic?

Again, these aren't polished yet.  The owner can polish them up with a plastic or car polish after a month if they like, but generally the finish is perfect for most.


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