Saturday, July 28, 2012

Myrtle Extra Wide Outer Diameter with Extra Small Diameter Air Chamber Exit Hole-Longest Title Ever...

This was an experimental set where it worked out quite well.  The smaller diameter exit hole worked very well with Magnum Drivers and produced alittle extra bass from what I could tell.  Nothing was muddy.  Didn't have alot of time with them and sent them off to the owner and let him give them a whirl.  I told him I could widen the air hole if he didn't like it.  So far so good.

One of my headbands as well.  I've really arrived at a very nice version of the headband with great materials and very comfy.  I haven't had any issues with installations nor does the headband peel away in hot humid climates any longer.  They're as tough as they get.

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