Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changes to FWJ naming scheme, etc.

I've been thinking of discontinuing the FWJ naming scheme with the letter of authenticity, etc.  The reason being that I have so much less time than in the pre-baby days, that just getting the orders built is the biggest concern, then followed by shipping.  Just packaging things up and shipping the items can take an hour or more in one evening.  So add on top of that the customized letter of authenticity takes yet more time.  Also, with the advent of the aluminum gimbals/blocks, there is little need, or demand for, the completely custom wood/metal gimbals/blocks build by hand with which the FWJ was born.

So, I believe I'm ending on FWJ #013 with the official authentication letter.  From now on, if I will call everything built from scratch an FWJ headphone and since I photo and document everything I build on this blog, people can come to the blog to find it's authenticity and I'll also do a better job about describing each FWJ when I post about them.

I'll be revamping the FWJ section yet again and this should hopefully simplify things.  I'll still build the gimbals/blocks from scratch on occasion, but for a higher price and they'll probably be called Old School FWJ's.

So, am I yet again adding confusion to the confusion?  You.  Are.  Welcome.

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