Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gimbals/Rodblocks Options Update

Hallo!  I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to find the right company to provide different color/plating options for my gimbals/blocks.  I tried one company that specialized in Anodizing.  I had them do a clear coat on one and a black coat on another set.  Both did not turn out as nicely as I wanted.  So Anodizing it out!

But I ended up stumbling into a Powder Coating and Metal Plating specialist while I was in the Anodizer's shop (capitalizing for emphasis).  He's sent me a photo of Nickel Plating on one set and they look downright sick!  I can't wait to get them back to see if everything fits together well.  Here's a quick pic.

He's also doing a set in Flat Black by Powder Coating.  I can't wait to see how they turn out as well.  The cost is much more expensive than anodizing, but I still don't think I'll have to increase my price.  So you'll be getting a more awesomer product for the same price.  Also, as time goes on I'll have additional options like bronzing, brass color, gold plating, flat silver powder coating, etc.

So keep an eye out for new goodies.

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