Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hawaiian KOA Cups!

Finally was able to build a set out of the KOA that I had purchased awhile back.  This stuff takes alot of sanding since the end grain is not as tight as some of the other hardwoods I use and it soaks up alot more finish.  But once it's all said and done, this stuff is surely a stunner.  It's gorgeous.  I wish I had time to slap in some drivers, but I need to ship'em out.

These are for Anson and he's been waiting patiently.

Oh.  And for those newcomers to my site, these are pictured with my Polished Aluminum Gimbals, which are for sale.  I still have a few sets left at my promo price of $125 plus shipping per set.  They are the ultimate in versatility and style and are sure to last a lifetime.  I will have black and gold colors as well as matching aluminum rodblocks soon as well.  Please contact me if interested at

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