Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I haven't sent them out for anodizing.  The silver won't be anodized, in fact, since they look much better without the silver colored anodizing I've seen.  But I'll still be getting black and gold.

I'm also pretty darn sure that I'll be offering aluminum rodblocks that will require no glue to install and will have a low profile set screw to hold the gimbals in place if you like.

The rods fit perfectly into the plastic rodblocks and hold them in place very nicely with friction.

I plan to offer the gimbals and rodblocks together for under $200, but I have no idea about the price yet of the rodblocks.

Again, these gimbals allow for some minor bending to accommodate slightly smaller or larger cups.

***I'd like to sell the first 10-20 sets of silver gimbals for $125 paypal included but you pay for shipping.

It'll be another 2-4 weeks for the black and gold and the matching rodblocks to get done, I'd imagine.  Feel free to wait for the black and gold sets, but for those who are antsy and love the plain aluminum color as much as I do, then we're good to go.

PS, I have an absolutely terrible flu right now but I hope to have Grev's and Randy's FWJ's done by Monday, Graziano's cups shipped tomorrow or Friday, and will start work on another set of Amboyna FWJ's next week along with another couple sets of cups.

Thanks for all of your patience!!

Pics:  Note that I still need to apply some polish to each set.

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  1. So, I don't know whether this is the appropriate place to inform you or not, but I'd love to get my hands on a set of gimbals, and preferably rodblocks as well. Silver works great for me.