Sunday, December 4, 2011

Updated the Service/Prices page with the Aluminum Gimbals info

Ok.  I think we're looking at $150 per set.  I still don't have the final price for my order, but I think this will be the price point.

To many this may look like a big number and is.  I totally feel ya.  But we love this stuff and these are awesome.

I've copied and pasted my update from the Services/Prices page below.

Update- 12/4/2011
I have now received a prototype Aluminum Gimbal.  Yes, these will be available for sale separately within a month or so.  The price will be $150 per set.

The gimbals can be fully taken apart.  The thumb screws are threaded and the rod cap is threaded.  The rod fits perfectly into the stock Grado plastic rod blocks.  

Why would you want these?  
1) First and foremost, they look awesome!  Will be available in anodized Black, Silver, Gold, and a lovely Brownish color.
2) Far better durability.  
3) Can accommodate slightly smaller and slightly larger sized cups. Simply need to bend them to the desired size.  I'm just talking about applying slight pressure to get them to move alittle.  There's no noticeable "bend" in them if you do this only slightly.  
4) Super easy to switch out cups or remove them to get to the drivers for a re-cable, etc.  

I'll update this once I get photos of the other colors.

Available for pre-order!  

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