Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Graziano's" - These are not to be trifled with.

Shhhhh...Don't be scared.  They won't hurt you....unless you get hit by them.

These gigantic D2000 cups were built for my friend Graziano out of Germany.  He said, "Build me the biggest cups you've ever seen."  I'm not sure they're the biggest cups out there, but I bet they're the biggest most of us have seen.  I think I'll dub these "Graziano's" for easy identification if anyone else wants something similar. 

Both cups are built out of Cocobolo, however, I had to cut them from two different pieces as I couldn't find a large enough chunk, so one is reddish while the other is more brown in color.  Although it would have been really nice if they matched in color, Graziano was a good sport and emphasized that the massive size is what was most important. Ha.

Those must be really heavy??  Nope.  Actually, I wore them all day at work without once being uncomfortable.  Really.  The headband seems to do a great job with even distribution of weight.  Also, headband adjustment mechanism is new and holds the cups where they're at.  They mechanism doesn't slip at all. 

As far as the sound's really very nice.  Although I only had enough time to listen to a few songs I heard slamming bass without the bloat.  The inner air chambers are as big as they look and run the length of the cups.  Hopefully I'll have them for one more day and I'll give them some more head time before I send them packing to their new owner.

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