Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big News!

1)  My aluminum Gimbal prototypes are complete!  They're so awsome, I want to shout my love from atop the highest mountain peak.  They'll be available in several different anodized color combos.  I'm unsure of the price point at the moment.  I still haven't gotten figures together.  Will post better pics tonight so stay tuned.

Teaser pics:

2)  Finally done upgrading my garage.  I've spent every waking moment over the past six days completing a major, major overhall.  Basics: I have more power, my shop is now insulated, I now have a shop heater.  Now that I'm done working I can get back to work!  Those who have orders in with me, please don't worry.  I tried to factor this upgrade in with my quoted turn times.  Now that I won't be freezing to death, your goodies will be better made. :-)

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