Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blackwood Cups (Wide Mouths) with 1/8" Jacks

I really can't say enough about Blackwood.  It is so on par with Cocobolo and the Rosewood Family as well as the Ebony family.  So dense and so silky smooth.  Super tight grain patterns.

Sorry guys...do I say this all the time?  Well yes...when a wood has these characteristics then I talk them up.  These are the woods I treasure the most.

I'm also liking the "Wide Mouth" style more and more.  It's alittle more of a pain, but not too much, and it just looks so damn awesome.  Now...I haven't done any A/B'ing to see if there is any noticeable affect on the sound quality, but I doubt that it has a negative affect.  I wish I could do more A/B'ing but I don't have these around long enough to do so and I can't find the time to build my own sets for such purposes.  You'll just have to love them the way they are. :-)

Lastly, these are fitted with 1/8" Phone Jacks, which will allow for easy cable swapping.  My next personal set may have these.  I'll be building an epic set built around a set of the Magnum drivers I gushed over.

Oh, and note that these are finished with Finishing Paste, for a flat, low luster finish at the request of the customer.

Anyway, these are for a nice guy, Viktor, out of the Ukraine.  Hi Viktor.

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