Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chakte Viga MS1's with Lamskin Headband

Built a fun set of slightly modified MS1's for a nice fellow, Ahad.  Sticky tack mod on the drivers accompanied by Chakte Viga mushroom style cups, light brown lambskin padded headband and 3 foot 24 AWG solid silver, teflon coated, braided cable and Canare mini-jack.....mouth-full.

Of note, the metal headband insert is not stock Grado insert, but rather, is a piece of flat stock of the same width and length as the stock insert but is thicker and nice and bendy to conform to almost any mellon out there and is still plenty durable to retain the shape you set it at.  I'm not kidding when I say, these fit perfectly to my head every time I put them on.  Any user, no matter the shape (petite, gigantic or Joseph Merrick shaped head) will appreciate the ability to mold the headband just right.  Please ask about it...and I might just tell you about it.

So, I like this set and they sound quite nice.  I hope Ahad likes them.

Sorry for the pics....seriously...they're not very good...

I care much more about the quality of the product over the quality of the photos.....that's my poor excuse and I'm sticking to it....for tonight anyway.

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