Friday, August 12, 2011

Test Cup with CA glue and Hut Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish

I've been looking for that ultra glossy, ultra durable finish with depth that doesn't take for freaking ever to apply.  This is probably as good of an application as any.  If I could spend days and even weeks on the perfect finish for every set of cups or Full Woody Jacket I build, then I would.  But being that I only have evenings and weekend and around 5-10 orders to work on at any given time, it's definitely "time" that I don't have. 

Woodworkers will tell you that the project actually begins when you start the finishing process, which will take as much time if not more time than working the piece to shape.  I try to turn the tables alittle on that notion.  I offer custom designs that take time to create and I try to design no two cups alike.  That being said, I'd rather focus most of my time on the shaping and design process and less time on the finishing process.

Enter CA glue and plastic polish. 

Now this brings me to five good methods of finishing in a time efficient manner to get a nice range of different results.

1) Bull's Eye Sanding Sealer- Nice silky matte finish

2) Myland's Wax (semi-gloss)

3) Hut Crystal Coat Friction Polish (alittle more glossy than above)

4) Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel (Very glossy but the most time consuming and tempermental.  Also not quite as durable as the others, but looks quite amazing.)

5) Tightbond thin CA glue and Hut Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish (ultra durable, high gloss but is also somewhat finicky)

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