Friday, August 12, 2011

I love these long time

Behold...a super low profile mushroom cup built out of Claro Walnut.  I cannot say enough how much I really like these.  The design is perfect for those that prefer a less bulky look which some of the other grado cups possess.  They are unassuming yet classy.

But...a quick disclaimer - I built all of this naturally I think all of my designs are righteous. :-)

These are for sale in the non-commissioned section.

I also have a set of Bloodwood Slip-On style cups for sale in the non-commissioned section.  These also happen to be one of the most identical sets I've built.  The last three were taken by the fellow that bought them but decided he wanted to go full cups from me rather than the slip-ons. 

Again, in case I don't get them listed over in the for sale area right away...$75 shipped to CONUS.  Paypal gifted as usual.

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