Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Reviews Area

I've added a reviews area to the left that some may enjoy or find helpful if thinking about purchasing a super cool set of cans from me.

I also wanted to share an email I recieved from Tim, who purchased the Mahogany/Walnut 325's #002 recently. 

 ....I also wanted to pass on my initial impression of the fully woody 325is.  The beauty of the headphones exceeds even what the beautiful conveyed as the quality of workmanship is beyond reproach.  I can also report that the cable length is just fine so I didn't have to move my favorite chair to make the phones work.  I've been listening for about two hours and after doing some comparisons I can say that the sound quality is at least equal to and in many way surpasses that of the Grado HF-2's.  I will listen more over the next week but for now I want to kick back and enjoy the Fleet Foxes on these wonderful works of art.
Best,  Tim

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