Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st post

Like many, my headphone journey started when I stumbled upon the amazing forums. I was only aiming to slightly upgrade to a better set of headphones...well, several years and lots of cash later, I have found myself still enthralled with headphones, especially building and modifying them. So here we are.

I will be updating this blog with my custom works as I create them. You may also go to my head-fi profile to see some of my additional work, send me a PM, and generally see what I may have been posting about. Not only that, but if you're unfamiliar with you should go ahead and check it out, it's quite a site.

You may also reach me at if you'd like to contact me regarding a commissioned set of headphones. I'll be updating this site with prices for certain modifications as well as full headphones that I've built and are ready to be sold. I'm very responsive so please feel free to email me.

I'll start this blog with my favorite set of my custom Grado's thus far.

Custom Grado 325 Goldies

Full wood body "Full Woody Jacket" modification. This set is for sale. Price is $650 shipped inside the US. I'll update this will further detail soon.


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